Adult Brown Dwarf Costume


Off to the party you’ll go with this Adult Brown Dwarf Costume! Mine all day, party all night, that’s this guy right here. An exclusive.

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Do you know why this brown dwarf has a long white beard? No, it’s not because he’s a total hipster. It’s because he’s been mining non-stop for years and years! Time for a little paid time off to relax, see the grandkids, maybe buy that beachside condo he’s always dreamed of—in a nutshell, it’s time to party and enjoy life. Don’t you think?Though he claims he’s not yet ready for full retirement, this dwarf is singing a different tune tonight: hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to the party I go! He’ll kick up his covered heels and cut a rug with the best of them, knowing his work stress is far, far away. If you, too, have big dreams to play hard this Halloween, why not party in our Brown Dwarf Costume? You can join the other dwarves for the festivities and have the most relaxing holiday ever. Maybe you can even convince all th party guests to look at a slideshow of your recent golfing trip. Maaaaybe. But don’t push your luck.And don’t worry if you’re not quite as…ahem…wise as our pal here, this outfit includes a white beard that fastens to the (also included) hat, so you can age 50 years, instantly! Like this little dwarf, you have earned a little R&R, so whatever shenanigans you get up to in this droopy cap, just be glad you’re blessed with a hardworking nature, plenty of charm, and the ability to keep on whistling, even when you’re not at work! Retire afterwards or go mining again. Whatever you do, keep keep on whistling!

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