Tween Hipster Snow White Costume


This Tween Hipster Snow White Costume is spunky and cute! This exclusive costume would be perfect for your daughter and her friends as a group costume!

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TREND-SETTING FORESIGHTAccording to the legends, the Evil Queen managed to know all of her tricks thanks to that Magic Mirror.  She’d ask it some nasty question about who is the prettiest and where she was and probably even asked it where to find the best free range apples that she could do her evil magic upon.  Fortunately, we all know how the story ended.  The Queen’s nasty plot really just ended up giving Snow White a nice nap and she revealed she’s not much of a climber!But, what about the details of that Happily Ever After?  What about the Magic Mirror?  Well, Snow White wasn’t about to just give up an entire life of possibilities.  She started asking that Mirror all about the coming trends.  Snow White didn’t care about being the most beautiful gal in the world.  She didn’t care about being a queen with a bunch of weird magic powers.  But, being the trendiest queen in storybook history?  Well, that would be something to write about! DESIGN & DETAILSOur in-house designers have unearthed the best secrets of the Magic Mirror and put them together to create this Tween Hipster Snow White Costume.  This exclusive look includes a stretchy blue shirt with red-striped, puffy sleeves and ruffled trim.  The shirt is accented by a wide white collar and a button lapel down the front.  The skirt is a bright yellow that features a pair of suspenders because this quirky Snow knows what keeps the world’s fashion moving forward!  Finish off the look with a red bow headband and all she’ll need next is a pair of round lens glasses! DITCH THE APPLE!Not only is the apple a sign of Snow White’s defeat, but that whole apple-a-day thing was so yesteryear.  Time to upgrade to the avocado while your little Snow shows everyone how hip Miss White can be! 

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