Adult Rag Doll Costume


Dress up this Halloween season as America’s favorite childhood doll with this adorable Adult Rag Doll Costume! It’s sure to put a smile on anyone that you see!

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These days, there are plenty of toys that light up or make noise. Some of them even fly around the room, freaking out the dog! But none of them can compare to the personality or sense of companionship that generations of girls and boys have gotten from their loosey-goosey red-headed pals. That’s why we’re so proud of this classic Adult Rag Doll Costume, which we designed and made in tribute to one of the all-time greats of entertainment for kids.Rag dolls like this are so soft and cuddly that we never get tired of having them around! That bright smile and sunny disposition makes this doll the ideal playmate or partner in crime, and its simple, cheerful presence is reassuring in times of trouble. Is there anything that wouldn’t be improved by that floppy mop of red hair, that quaint white apron and bloomers, or those delightful candy-striped socks? We don’t think so (but until we’ve seen an all-ragdoll production of Macbeth, we’re going to withhold our final judgment).When we were young, these dolls filled that perfect niche between best friend and comfy pillow. Now that we’re adults, we finally appreciate the true value and rarity of that kind of relationship! So we’ve crafted this adorable outfit hoping to give grown-ups like you the chance to reconnect with a favorite childhood playmate, and to introduce new friends to one of the oldest and most cherished companions many of us have ever known!

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