Adult Annabelle Halloween Sweater


Get ready to show off your horror film fandom when you wear this Annabelle Halloween Sweater for Adults. Featuring an image of Annabelle on the front, this Annabelle Halloween Sweater for Adults makes the perfect apparel choice this Halloween season!

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The Doll Who Won’t DieEveryone knows that if you see a creepy doll hanging out on a chair or on a mantle, you should never ever touch it. Frankly, if you can avoid looking at it, that’s probably for the best. Why? Because that dang thing is clearly possessed by a demon and it is going to chase you and give you the fright of your life. In fact, since you’ve even thought about Annabelle, it is probably too late. That means there is only one thing you can do: be aware of where she is at all times.Design & DetailsIt’s time to think creatively and wear your terror on your sleeve. Or, more accurately, on your Halloween Sweater with this Annabelle Sweater from our Made By Us design team. Bring your favorite scary supernatural movie to life when you sport this spooky style featuring blood-red warning script about Annabelle’s haunted soul. Her creepy face is right on the front, boxed in with a clear warning to keep her imprisoned forever! Who would have thought a spine-chilling doll could actually keep you warm!?Can a Sweater be Haunted?Fear not. We’ve tested things to verify that our sweaters are entirely unhauntable. So, the only creepy vibes that anyone will have when they see you in this Annabelle Halloween Sweater will be from the jealousy over your supernatural style.

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