Adult Buddy the Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater


Treat everyday like Christmas when you wear this Buddy the Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater for Adults. Features Buddy the Elf’s tunic in the style of an ugly sweater that will having you spreading Christmas cheer all around!

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Spreading Christmas CheerIf anyone is an expert on Christmas cheer, it’s Buddy the Elf. He says the best way to spread it is by “singing loud for all to hear.” We definitely agree that singing is a great way to share joy, but we also think there are other ways you can accomplish the same goal. You can do something that might take a lot of money or time, like fundraising for a charity or volunteering to help others. You can also do something that might be less expensive but will still brighten someone’s day, like leaving a server a generous tip or letting someone get in line in front of you. No matter how you decide to contribute, we think Buddy would be proud of you!Design & DetailsWe think it’s easier to spread Christmas cheer when you’re feeling it yourself. Wearing this Buddy the Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater for Adults will put you in the right mood! Modeled after Buddy’s North Pole outfit, this soft pullover was Made By Us so that you can feel the Christmas spirit. After all, as Buddy says, there’s room for everyone on the Nice List!

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