Bricky Blocks Necktie Red


The Bricky Blocks Necktie Red is a unique necktie. If you really like plastic building blocks you’ll love this! You can also build onto the tie to change it to anything you want.

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Hey, Rebel. Yell!Wearing a tie for picture day was a total drag in school. You despised the gentle squeeze of its silk around your neck and how “not your style” the paisley print was. Plus, you had to wear a collared shirt with it when all you wanted to throw on was a band tee. The whole thing even ruined wearing a tie ironically, which meant you didn’t really get to pull off the rebel punk look. Of course, you tried. But you never really learned how to tie even a half-decent knot, and your father was the only one with pre-tied ties in his closet. You wouldn’t be caught buying a tie as a teen. Goodness, what an image-destroyer that would have been. So, it was paisley or nothing. If only this Bricky Blocks Red Necktie had been there for you.Product DetailsReclaim neckties for your own use when you bring this clever accessory home! Made to be a customizable clothing accessory, you’ll take pride in looping this tie around your collar. A thin elastic band saves you the need to tie any type of knot. All you need to do is adjust the strap to go around your head and tighten it back up to fit securely—you could even skip the collar. Using the red plastic base is where the real fun comes into play! Create a variety of designs with our available Bricky Block brick pieces that snap onto the base.Red, Set, Go!Whether you’re planning an 80s punk costume for Halloween or just looking for an expressive accessory for your business casual wardrobe, this Bricky Blocks Building Blocks Necktie in Red has you covered. Go ahead! Create the rebellious fashion you wanted as a kid. Or introduce your own children to the true versatility of neckties when you purchase this tie and our Bricky Blocks pieces!

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