Women’s Venus Costume


Descend from Mount Olympus to show the world your beauty and grace! It will be remember for millennia when you wear this stunning Women’s Goddess Venus Costume!

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Sea to Shining SeaIf you believe the tales, Venus rose from the foam of the Mediterranean Sea. As she took on her fair form, she became the ideal of beauty and love, taking on all the attributes of the most beautiful woman imaginable. Marrying the famously ugly and crippled god of the forge, Vulcan, she was one of the chief goddesses of the Roman and Hellenic pantheons. Despite literally rising from nothing, she came into her own and achieved such fame that she is known even to today. Now that is an influencer!Product DetailsIf you are looking for a costume that sets you apart from the rest of the mortals down here on Earth, then you can do no better than this Women’s Venus Costume. The included dress with attached drapery, arm cuffs, and headband are all that you need to make yourself into the otherworldly beauty that is famous to this day. The white and gold detailing of this costume are downright Olympian, stressing the divine nature of the goddess Venus. The attached golden cords and beautiful golden, stylized hem work make this costume stand out from the competition. You won’t feel too prideful saying you look like a goddess in this costume!Venusian and Loving ItFinding the perfect costume to show who you are inside is easier than ever with this Women’s Venus Costume. Joining your Olympian family and taking your place in the Roman pantheon will feel great, but more importantly, You will love the way you look and feel in this awesome costume!

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