Women’s Silver Costume Gloves


You’re more than welcome to be a funny egg. This Silver Costume glove will make you feel like you’ve got an arm full of moxie! Just go with it. When’s the next time you can say yes, I am the bees knees?

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Dress like a glamorous Hollywood starlet, or a swanky dolled-up flapper! Suit up as a sexy space invader, or a shimmering super-heroine! It would probably be faster for us to list the times that you wouldn’t want to have silvery arms as part of your costume, but where’s the fun in that?Wearing our exclusive Silver Costume Gloves will add some elegance and pizzazz to any look in a flash! These stretchy elbow-length arm coverings shine like brushed metal, and look awesome with pretty much any color, shape, or style of outfit you could think of. Slip them on to give your arms a fancy, high class makeover, or to make it look like you’ve got robotic mitts, or wear them with a matching pair of silver boots and a cape for a heroic ensemble to save the day in! You name the costume idea, and these silvery gloves will make it even better!

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