Women’s Luxurious Lion Costume


Put a sassy and fun twist on your classic lion costume, with our amazing Women’s Luxurious Lion Costume. This three piece costume comes complete with crushed velvet fabric and hood with furry trim!

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Be Lion-HeartedEveryone thinks Halloween is about going out and celebrating. But you know better. Halloween can be about connecting with a part of yourself that has been tame for too long. Take this Women’s Luxurious Lion Costume, for example. Once you slip it on, you may be surprised what it does to your life!Suddenly, you’re no longer the person who patiently waits while someone nudges you in line. “Back in line,” you growl, with a flick of your tail. Your barista knows your name, now, and stops misspelling it on the side of your cup every day. And your crush? You are no longer waiting for them to make the first move! You stride right up to them and ask them to watch your favorite Halloween flick with you (and they say yes, naturally). I guess what we’re saying is, this luxe lion costume will help you feel like the courageous queen of the urban jungle you’ve always known you were. Isn’t it fun to live your life with a bit of prowl in your step?Product DetailsThere’s nothing timid about this exclusively made, carefully crafted costume! It consists of a velvety midriff top and hot pants. The hot pants have an attached lion’s tail tipped with dark brown faux fur, a detail that can also be found trimming the long sleeves of the top and the lion’s hood, creating a mane-like appearance that is unforgettable.Just Lion AroundWhen Halloween is through, you may find you take to wearing this outfit around your apartment for weekly reminders to be fierce and go after what you want. Enjoy downtime in this awesome costume, and surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. Go get ’em!

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