Lilo & Stitch Toddler Lilo Costume


Always remember, Ohana means family! This Halloween, dress up in this simple and easy Lilo toddler costume from Lilo & Stitch. Your family can go as all of your favorite Disney characters, starting with Lilo!

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Peculiar PastimesEvery kid is unique in their own way. You might even describe some of them as “a little strange.” However, that’s what makes them fun! Lilo is a character whose interests certainly make her stand out from her peers. She enjoys the hula class that she takes with the other girls, and she likes to surf with her sister Nani, which seems fairly normal for a Hawaiian girl her age. However, she also loves Elvis Presley, practices voodoo, and takes pictures of tourists for fun. Not to mention, out of all the animals at the shelter, she picks a blue alien for her pet that honestly, doesn’t really even look like a dog. Even though people might call her weird for some of her interests, her fondness for strange things just makes us love her more!Product DetailsIf you know a little kid who has some unconventional hobbies, maybe they’d feel right at home in a Lilo Toddler Costume! This smooth satin dress is a bright orangey red, which is one of Lilo’s favorite colors and gives the costume a cheerful look. It has an all-over print of huge, glittery white leaves just like the dress Lilo wears in the movie. The costume also includes a fabric-covered headband with a sparkly flower on top, which features Lilo’s face in the middle. Add your child’s favorite pair of sandals and they’ll be ready to sing along with some Elvis!Lovely LiloYour child will be ready to go on a Hawaiian roller coaster ride when they put on this Lilo Toddler Costume! If they feel like they’ll need a friend, however, we also have Stitch costumes in multiple sizes, so they won’t be leaving their ‘ohana behind while they’re trick-or-treating. Your child will have a fun Halloween with this cute costume, but just be sure to watch out for aliens—and mosquitoes!

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