Child Santa Beard and Moustache


Let your little one in on the holiday gift-giving fun with this Child Santa Beard and Moustache. He’ll be the talk of the Christmas party! You probably shouldn’t have people on his lap though, he should go on yours.

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Sometimes Santa needs just a little more help during the busy season. We’re not even talking about the elves. They’ve got their own jobs that they specialize in such as building the toys, packaging the toys, or working with delivery logistics for the big night. Sometimes the big guy needs a little more help with the whole spreading of Christmas cheer. Those specialists have to focus on, hearing what every kid wants for Christmas, eating all the cookies left for him, and the actual delivery of all those gifts! When he gets real desperate, there isn’t a height or belly girth requirement anywhere. You just have to be a jovial person who loves Christmas. Sound like your little elf might be up for the job? All they’ll need is their own beard and moustache. We’re not sure about your mini Santa, but we still can’t grow a beard that thick as grown men, so this beard and moustache is an excellent replacement.

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