Kid’s Venice Gondolier Costume


Set sail over the water on a journey of culture and love in our Kid’s Venice Gondolier Costume. A fun take on the classic costume of romance, perfect for a little Italian culture.

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More than a SailorWaterbusses can carry lots of folks on water, and sure, ships can carry freight along for the journey, but when it comes to the idyllic canals and lagoons of Venice, we all know a gondola is the only water transport vehicle for the job. We recommend a light breeze, a bottle of your favorite soda pop, and one enormous slice of cheesy Margherita pizza to munch on as you glide through the water — with a professional gondolier at the helm. As important as the outfit is bravery, grace under pressure, and dashing good looks. We could never trust your average, everyday, foul-mouthed sailor to handle a delicate endeavor like steering a long, narrow boat through equally narrow canals! No, we need you at the helm.Design & DetailsAlmost as fun as a ride through the canals is dressing the part of the gondolier, with the signature red-and-white stripes and neckerchief. That’s where we come in. The designers at have created this Kid’s Venice Gondolier Costume to hit all the right notes for the aspiring small boat captain in your life. Once you have our custom costume, all you need is a few friends who trust your nautical instincts, plane tickets to Venice, and a gondolier license issued by the proper Italian authorities. Or a puddle and a vibrant imagination. Easy!That’s Amore!Some of our favorite components of our Kid’s Venice Gondolier Costume are, of course, the red neckerchief and the ribboned hat, but it wouldn’t be complete without the striped shirt, dark pants, and sash. With those, you’re set for everything a Venitian maritime adventure can throw at you. But adding a pair of gloves or dark shoes to protect your extremities from the elements wouldn’t be a bad idea, since (as far as we know) the gondoliers have yet to form a union.

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