Samurai Warrior Costume for Men


Be the brave warrior in this Men’s Samurai Warrior Costume. Nothing bad ever happened when swordplay was involved, right?

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Ominous Oni Maybe the strange demons that haunted Japan during the Edo period haven’t been seen in their true form in a few hundred years. Perhaps we aren’t seeing the iconic Jinn or the feathered horrors, the Tengu anymore. These days, the demons are a little bit more careful. They hide in plain sight as regular objects. The umbrella demon, the Kasa-obake, for example. You know those moments that you know you put your umbrella right by the door and it’s gone vanished? Well, it might have been possessed by a demon spirit and hopped away! Those weird little demon creatures just can’t be trusted. Sure, a few of them just like to play a periodic practical joke. We love the Kitsune fox spirit or the Tanuki and its inspiration for game playing. But there is a certain point where you just want to make sure that your objects aren’t going to have a life of their own. That’s when it is time to call up your local Daimyo and find a Samurai who can help cleanse your home! Unfortunately, they’re pretty rare these days. Product DetailsOf course, you don’t need to wait for a demon hunter to show up at your door. You could gain great honor for your own name by wearing this Samurai Warrior costume! This ensemble includes a coat, sash, and wrist gauntlets that help you take your first Samurai steps while looking as historically accurate as we could get (while still maintaining a comfortable modern make). Wear your horned helmet to show the Oni out there that you mean business! Pick up a toy sword and you’re ready for a supernatural adventure. Samurai SaviorPerhaps none will know the work that you’ve done for the world while wearing your Samurai Warrior costume. The demons you’ve slain or the portals to the dark realms that you’ve closed. But, no matter what, you’ll know your honor is in perfect condition. (Plus, folks are going to love your noble look… and that brings honor to your clan as well!) 

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