Women’s Mouse Costume


Take the cheese with this fun Women’s Mouse Costume. This costume includes bodysuit, gloves, and ears.

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Squeak It, Don’t Eek ItAre you ready to get over your fear of mice? Can you admire how adorable mice are in movies and pictures yet find yourself jumping on chairs when one is loose in your house? We understand, they move fast and make messes. They really don’t make great roommates. But you don’t have to be afraid. Get the inside scoop on mousedom by dressing as one for your next costumed event. And while the costume is on it’s way to you, get into character by imagining a new rodent lifestyle for yourself. Nibble on a wedge of cheese while holding it with your fingertips as a mouse would. While you’re doing that, imagine what your little mouse house would look like. A little matchbox bed, spool of thread for a table, an inexplicable little cross stitch sampler on the wall that says, “home sweet home”. See, you’re already feeling a the squeak more than the eek!Details & DesignChange the meaning of mousey from frumpy to fashionable with our Made by Us costume. Designed by our own creative costume crew, this velvety bodysuit will make you take on your new rodent persona with pride. The pink bodice forms a sweetheart shape along an illusion neckline while the back zips up making changing and “taking breaks” a breeze. The look is topped off with lovely pink elbow-length gloves and perky matching mouse ears. A high-quality look that balances sexy and silly, you’ll love finding reasons to break out this look again and again!Make it a Mice DayIf you’re looking to have more fun this Halloween, make it so by choosing an oddly glamorous mouse costume. Soft grey velvet and mod pink accents make this costume utterly photogenic and completely unexpected. A costume like this just goes to show, in a world that’s a rat race, it pays to be the laid back mouse!

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