Women’s Moon Sorceress Costume


Who needs to study arcane magic when you can just get your magical abilities right away with this Women’s Moon Sorceress Costume! You’ll be ready to cast spells on your friends all night!

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Written In The StarsDoes the Halloween full moon occur at the same time as a conjunct between Saturn and the Sun? Or does All Hallow’s Eve happen to fall during eclipse season? Only a powerful sorceress like you can know what pull and push the subtle astrology of the season can have on the outcome of Halloween’s festivities. As it turns out, finding this Women’s Moon Sorceress Costume was practically written in the stars for you. It’s perfect for your sensibilities, and it plays up the magic of the season without being gruesome or spooky. After all, there is more to Halloween than zombies and vampires. There’s witchcraft, mystery, magic, and a tiny bit of fun mayhem — and that’s what keeps you showing up to celebrate. You will feel gorgeous, powerful, mystical (not to mention, ready to snag a costume contest prize) in this stunning, celestial look.  Design & DetailsThis gown will leave you feeling wrapped up in the heavens, thanks to its cerulean, star-kissed front panel. A black, cloaked gown overlays the shimmering blue insert, and the same gogrous starry fabric lines the inside of the oversized hood. Dramatic details like long draped sleeves, lacy elbow cutouts, corset lacing, and a moon-chain belt take the magic of your mystical makeover to a whole new level.Total Eclipse of the HeartThe moment you set eyes on this outfit, you knew it was meant to be your Halloween costume this year. In fact, never have you felt such a heartfelt affinity for a garment before. Maybe it’s more than a once-a-year costume — perhaps this Moon Sorceress outfit is simply your new look! 

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