Kid’s Big Bad Granny Wolf Costume


This Kid’s Big Bad Granny Wolf Costume will make a great costume for traveling through the woods on the way to grandma’s house this year on Halloween.

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Fast FoodEver since you moved to this neck of the woods you have been terrorized by one little girl relentlessly. You are just trying to live in the most natural way possible, sticking to the paleo diet that is so popular among wolves right now, but this kid keeps sneaking in with a basket full of goodies!It is not your fault that you have a very sensitive nose that can pick up the delicious aroma of those blueberry muffins from the other side of the woods. Nor is it your fault that her granny built such a ramshackle house that made it so easy to break in and devour her! Now, assuming that woodsman keeps his distance, you should have no problem tricking that little kid into giving you those too-tempting baked goods! Diets weren’t meant to last forever anyway…Granny StyleLooking your best as a wolf is pretty easy, but if you’re gonna get those goodies you will need to rock that granny style. This Child Big Bad Granny Wolf Costume is the perfect way to accomplish that. The long floral nightgown has all the ruffles you could ever want. The matching nightcap and sewn-on tail and hand covers work together with the mask to make you look perfect. Just remember your manners when you are wolfing down those goodies!Faux ForestIf you are looking for the perfect granny costume for your child, then you are in the right place. They will love the look and feel of this costume, just remember to load them up on baked goods so they don’t have to eat anyone else!

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