Women’s Monarch Butterfly Poncho


In need of a subtle yet beautiful costume? This Women’s Monarch Butterfly Poncho, has a gorgeous and very colorful print that screams elegance and grace.

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Pretty Fly FabricOf all the species of animals in the world, the butterfly has to be one of the prettiest. These winged insects have a dazzling and staggering variety of colors, designs, shapes, and patterns. If you’ve ever been to a butterfly garden, then you’ve been lucky enough to see some of these iridescent beauties up close and personal. While there are many gorgeous butterflies, one of the most famous is the monarch butterfly. Most common in North America, this winged insect has a huge migration range and is vital for successful pollination across the continent. Honor this grand and important insect by wearing this Women’s Monarch Butterfly Poncho!Product DetailsThis poncho is simply and generously cut to allow for many different body shapes. The deep oranges, velvety blacks, and bright white spots of the iconic butterfly are fully present, making it easy to identify. The swooping hemline of the poncho is reminiscent of the butterfly’s wings, and it also looks pretty flattering on humans, too! You’ll look and feel great while representing one of the world’s most famous butterfly species. Looking for a more dramatic version of the monarch butterfly shape? Check out our website to see a full body monarch cape!

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