Star Trek Voyager Magnetic Communicator Badge


Complete your Star Trek costume this Halloween with this Star Trek Voyager Magnetic Communicator Badge. This badge is a polished metal replica with a magnetic back for fastening.

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We know what you’re saying… what’s so realistic about hitting this little badge thing and communicating with people on in close proximity? You’re saying, what about walkie-talkies or these high-tech phones in our pockets that basically do the same thing! Well, we’d like to ask you if your phone can really work at the touch of the button, or whether your phone can be magnetically pinned on your shirt and still look cool? See, this here Star Trek Voyager magnetic communicator badge has got your fancy phone BEAT!Just to be clear, this is just a very nice replica of the communicators used on the show. It can’t actually ring up Captain Janeway, but it sure LOOKS like it can. Which means it’s the perfect thing to add to your already awesome Star Trek costume. You’ll still have to use your phone to call up your Trekkie friends… for now. Come on, science!

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