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Make your trip to the Savannah complete with this Adult Meerkat Costume! This costume is so comfortable made out of 100% super soft polyester and zipped down on the front for easy access and the Headpiece has sculptured facial features making this costume

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Magnificent MeerkatWaking up amongst broad leaves, the rushing sound of a waterfall, and next to your closest warthog pal is your favorite way to start the day. After spending half of your life in the arid desert, digging a network of tunnels for your meerkat family, and scouting the horizon for sneaking hyenas, you’ve earned the paradise you found in the jungle. Okay, earned may not be the word for how you wound up seeking a home away from family, but we’ll skip over that part of the story. If we take embarrassment and mistakes out of the equation, you really did work hard to live in your own idea of luxury. You and your best friend have no worries as you roam the relatively safe grounds of your unofficial kingdom while singing duets of your favorite ballads; each night you enjoy a veritable buffet of grubs. There doesn’t seem to be anything that would ever change how you choose to spend the rest of your days. However…Design & DetailsJust in case the chance arrives to raise your position in life, you’ll want to make sure your short coat is looking its best. This exclusive jumpsuit is the sleek update you’ll need if opportunity comes crashing through your jungle home. This Made By Us Meerkat jumpsuit, with its 3D sculpted facial features, will give you the best-groomed look of your life. With a super-soft polyester body and paw covers, your fingers and toes will stay warm even while you stare up at the night sky. You won’t need to worry about cleaning the slimy yet satisfying dinners out of your fur if you have a full Meerkat suit to cover the mess.Royal RevelerWhether you’re living life with not a care in the world or trying to keep a wild child under control, this Meerkat Costume is a great way to bring a bit of your own wild character home. As the comedy role of a safari-themed group costume or a best-buds duo, you’ll be ready to enjoy a royally fun Halloween!

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