Women’s Lethal Beauty Costume


You’ll look so good he’ll die. This Women’s Lethal Beauty Costume is a great way to add a few leaves to his tree!

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What’s your villain theme?The best supervillains have themes that are seductive but deadly at the same time. You know, so that your victims come to you, and they’re willingly drawn in before meeting their doom. And since your theme also dictates what kinds of crimes and schemes you commit and whatnot, it’s good to pick a theme that will offer a wide range of possibilities. Like if you go with a water theme you might steal a dam, or you could fill the city hall building with squid!For us, there’s one theme that’s a cut above the rest when it comes to supervillainy. The plant theme! With a plant theme you can cover all of your bases and still have plenty of room for growth and new possibilities. Plants are ancient and mysterious, and as with most things in nature: the more colorful and beautiful something is, the more lethal their poison. Enticing!Costume DetailsIf you’re looking for a good place to start your career as a seductive supervillain, this Women’s Lethal Beauty Costume will put you on the right path for plant-based crime. This alluring costume dress features halter straps done up in plastic vine trim and a mesh train that ties around the waist. Tan leaf-printed tights continue the theme, and the glovelettes, bootcovers, and eyemask complete the ensemble.Real VillainyYour bound to be quite the supervillain when you suit up in this Leath Beauty Costume. We’re sure your victims will fall at your feet when you cast your shadow over them, so please, be gentle with whichever poor superheroes try to stop you!

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