Men’s Premium Arrow Costume


Dark and brooding, looks good in green, bow and arrow wielding vigilante, DOES NOT wear tights. This Men’s Premium Arrow Costume will transform you into the popular DC Comics superhero!

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Every city needs a hero to protect it from supervillains, and for Starling City, that hero is Green Arrow! Suit up as your favorite DC hero in this awesome Premium Arrow Costume, from the hit CW show Arrow!In a world full of hi-tech gadgets and actual super-men who can fly and run at the speed of light and so on, you’d think a hero taking on bad guys with a bow and arrow would seem a little old fashioned. But billionaire Oliver Quinn thinks it’s the perfect way to deal out his own form of vigilante justice when he goes out as his alter-ego, Arrow, since he’s a skilled enough archer to make it work! It’s a good thing, too, since Starling City is also the favorite stomping ground of many vicious evildoers, like Dark Arrow, or the sinister Ra’s al Ghul. But whoever he’s fighting against, Oliver Quinn’s determination and skill always makes sure he comes out on top! That is, as long as he doesn’t run out of arrows…You won’t gain heightened archery skills when you’re sporting this officially licensed costume, but it will let you look just like the eagle eyed vigilante does in the show! The premium quality jacket and pants are made of forest green faux leather, with stitched detailing, while the matching synthetic fabric vest features a hood to help you keep your identity a secret. Add a domino-style eye mask and some bow and arrow quiver accessories to complete this heroic look, and you’ll be ready to dish out justice, or just hang out at Black Canary’s party!

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