Girl’s Pretty Poison Costume


She’ll be fierce in this Girl’s Pretty Poison Costume! Summon the powers of nature and protect the environment with all your might in this botanical super suit!

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Growing GreenWhen your child is a human-plant hybrid, they really do get to decide how their life will blossom. If they’re more inclined to play in nature, they may decide to take to the wild. They may want to live among the trees and foster the saplings and buds. If your child is more of a city-kid, they might plant themselves in a concrete jungle and grow their own leafy oasis. However, if being a human-plant hybrid has granted them special abilities—other than a green thumb—there are probably other details that need addressing.How did they acquire these abilities? Did a plant-based science project go horribly wrong? Did someone dare them to touch a poisonous looking plant—promising the worst that could happen would be a rash? Given the number of superhero stories we’ve seen and read, we are fully assuming your child didn’t just pop out of the ground as a magical daisy—something caused them to lead a green life. We suppose the origin could be unimportant, maybe there’s only one question that needs an answer. Will they be a kind hybrid, or will they use their eco-abilities to cause a little chaos?Product ProductWhichever decision they make, they’ll need the right outfit. When they visit the trees, they’ll blend in dressed in an olive green tunic with leafy details. If they take to the city wrapped in ivy vines, all eyes will be on them and their poisonous look. Whether they plan to raise strong forests or topple grey buildings your kiddo will be ready to make a statement in this Pretty Poison Costume.Neutral NatureSometimes, choosing between heroics and—what many would call—villainy is too black and white. If your child has the power of nature on their side, they may want to work their abilities in the grey area. Who’s to say that wouldn’t work? They may want to grow a jungle and destroy a toxic factory. In this Pretty Poison Costume, they’ll find their balance between wild vines and potted plants.

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