Embellishments Wonder Woman Icon Pet Collar


Your furry companion is loyal, honest, honorable, and willing to defend you at any cost! Why not grab the Wonder Woman Icon Embellishments Pet Collar to show how strong your bond is!

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Collar for a QueenIf Wonder Woman had a pet, we wonder what it would be? Our guess is an eagle. We can’t say exactly why, but something about Diana Prince screams eagle (and all of the other animals in the DC Universe are taken). A bear would be an interesting pet for her to have. Plus, she is probably the only person who could tame a bear and actually have it as a pet. Well, we don’t have any eagle or bear pet accessories (quite yet), but we do have some officially licensed Wonder Woman Icon Embellishments Pet Collars. Hephaestus helped us make these, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. The metal emblem hanging from the pet collar matches the shiny ornaments that surround the collar. Our Wonder Woman Icon Embellishments Pet Collar is for you if you are looking for some quality pet supplies.

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