Women’s Gamma Ray Alien Costume


You will look out of this world when you wear this super cute Gamma Ray Alien Costume for Women! Whether you’re going to outer space or hanging out on Earth, you will love this costume!

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Out-of-This-World PlanningThe goal is simple. Your planning, not so much. But you want to have an out-of-this-world Halloween, and you’ll settle for nothing less. That means your plans closely orbit an intergalactic theme. You’re taking your Halloween party into space with chrome balloons, neon frosted cupcakes, an inflatable alien spaceship, and the piece de resistance your costume.You haven’t actually picked your look yet. But there’s still time before blast-off. And you’re here looking at our exclusive Gamma Ray Alien Costume which we think is a cosmically wise choice for your costume party!Design & DetailsGet dressed for a transcendent costume experience with this Made By Us costume jumpsuit! The form-fitting one-piece is composed of inky black, iridescent silver, and hot pink stretch materials that make it snug but easy to wear. A zipper down the back of the costume ensures this.To get a futuristic look our team of designers arranged the color blocking in a V formation that spans the torso of the jumpsuit. Additional color blocking on the legs continues the elongating effects of the design, while thoughtfully sculpting at the collar, shoulders, and hips add an hourglass shape.More Alien Costume IdeasNow that you’re suited up like an intergalactic goddess, it’s time to decide if you’ll be an alien or space-traveling human. All you need is the right accessories! Luckily, our alien and astronaut accessory selection has what you need! So, shop antenna headbands, platform boots, and the tools of whatever out-of-this-world trade your Halloween character might hold!

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