Women’s Outer Space Alien Costume


Take us to your leader, and there will be no further acts of violence towards the planet. When you wear the Women’s Outer Space Alien Costume, you are the one in charge and the threat to all.

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The Truth is Out ThereAliens are out there. They just have to be! There are over 2 trillion galaxies in the visible universe and near countless stars. It seems scientifically unlikely that we’re the only living beings out in the universe. We’re not quite sure what those intergalactic beings look like, but we hope they look a little something like this Outer Space Alien Costume! It’s a look that takes inspiration from classic science fiction depictions of aliens to give you a truly extraterrestrial experience.Design & DetailsThis Outer Space Alien Costume will have you ready to embrace your own cosmic power! Our team of in-house designers created this Made By Us costume and it features plenty of great details to help you feel like an intergalactic traveler. The costume begins with a light green top and matching leggings. The top is a simple pullover-style shirt and the leggings fit with an elastic band in the waist. Both pieces stretch to fit a variety of body shapes. The dress is constructed out of a shiny, iridescent material to help provide an out-of-this-world appearance. The dress fits with a concealed zipper in the back, making it easy to slip into. The gloves are made out of a matching iridescent material and have foam backing in them to add shape. The antennae at attached to a barrette, which can be worn in your hair.More Alien Costume IdeasIf you want to craft the perfect interstellar style, then this women’s alien costume is a great starting point. To upgrade your style, you’ll want to consider adding a pair of boots to your look. As an alien traversing the universe, you might also want to bring along one of our toy ray guns for the ride, since you never know who you might encounter when you’re wearing this space alien outfit!

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