Womens Fox Poncho


You will look extra foxy, furry, and adorable when you wear this Womens Fox Poncho. This Womens Fox Poncho is a cute yet stylish way to dress up as a fox for your next holiday party or get together.

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The Foxes Will PlayHow do you celebrate when finishing your first draft of your dissertation coincides with Halloween weekend? Well, if you’re one of the nation’s leading fox experts like you are soon to be, then you should probably don this Women’s Fox Poncho, a few choice strokes of face paint, and hit the town. It is definitely time to blow off some slow-building stress and to just enjoy yourself tonight! And since you know almost everything there is to know about the behaviors and life cycles of foxes, you can easily slip into character the moment you slip this poncho on. But you can also just leave your work behind you for a night and enjoy an evening embodying your beloved favorite animal. Maybe you’ll even get into a bit of mischief! Product DetailsThis pullover poncho is somehow wild and pretty, all at once. Nature can be like that, right? It’s a brown overall color with a white faux fur patch on the front, and an attached furry fox tail in the back. You can choose to wear it over an all-black ensemble or with a matching brown jumpsuit—either way, the effect will be a sly illusion. Top it with the floral fox ear headband and you’re ready for your debut.Woodland WhimsyMaybe your pals want to dress like other forest creatures and make a whole group theme with you tonight, or perhaps you prefer to prowl the party solo. Foxes are often solitary creatures, after all!

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