Women’s Fashion Nurse Costume


This Women’s Fashion Nurse Costume is an absolute heart-stopper. Featuring a classic nurse tunic and hat look, this costume is sure to be a hit at any costume party this year.

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Nursing KnowledgeNursing is an extremely difficult field to enter. The schooling is rigorous and expensive, and once you have a job, it gets even tougher. You have to work long hours on your feet, including holidays, overnights, and weekends. You deal with ungrateful patients, tragic cases, difficult doctors, and more. And although we have to acknowledge that scrubs these days have seen some improvements, they’re still not exactly fashionable. (Not to mention expensive!) If all of that effort seems like too much for you, don’t worry, you don’t have to get a degree to wear this costume! Or if you have gone through all that work and you have a career as a nurse, congratulations! (We’d also like to extend our heartfelt thanks that you’ve chosen to help take care of us.) Perhaps you’d like to wear something that represents your career but is just a little cuter than your average uniform. If that sounds like a fun time, then this costume is for you!Product DetailsWhen you wear this Fashion Nurse costume, you’ll feel great, just like all of your patients (we hope)! The wrap dress ties around the waist so you can adjust it to where you’re most comfortable, and it comes with a hat, apron, and stethoscope so you’ll have everything you need to complete the look. Pair it with a doctor costume as a fun option for couples or come up with your own combination! We always think it’s fun when couples dress as each other’s careers for Halloween.Superior to ScrubsIf you’d like to dress as a nurse but don’t want to spring for real scrubs, we have you covered with this budget-friendly Fashion Nurse costume. It’s a quick and easy one to have on hand for any costume event. We’re sure you’ll have a great time at the party, although please don’t blame us if people actually start asking you about their weird elbow rashes!

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