Women’s Cozy Tarantula Costume


Get this Women’s Cozy Tarantula Costume and you’ll be the creepiest, hairy legged spider at the party this Halloween!

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Do the Leg WorkIf you know anything about us, you may know that we love a good pun. But did you also know that we are obsessed with clever oxymorons? Jumbo shrimp! Bittersweet! Act Naturally! They get us every time.And now we have a new favorite: Cozy Tarantula! Yep, you heard us right. A cuddlier arachnid you never have seen. That’s because we crafted this Women’s Cozy Tarantula Costume to be both snuggly and scary. How do you think we did? Pretty good, right? Especially considering that you are a spider lover at heart! And we don’t blame you, tarantulas are cool—they can even regrow lost legs! Wow. But before you dig your burrow and prepare to liquify your prey (shudder), you’ll want to slip into this exclusive costume so you look the part to perfection. Have fun creeping everyone out tonight!Design & DetailsThis oxymoronic marvel is Made by Us right in our very own costume studio (because truly, only such brilliant minds could have crafted something so intriguingly contradictory). We took every care to ensure that you’d be comfy, even as you crawl about the Halloween party, causing guests to jump with fright! The zip up jacket is all you’ll need to instantly transform your own leggings into a full costume. It’s brown, furry, and includes 6 sewn-on stuffed legs that attach via translucent wire beneath your two real arms. Voila! You’re an arachnid!! The hood pulls up to display rows of eyes. You’ll need to paint on fangs and practice your slow, steady spider walk. You’re positively terrifying!Web of LiesBeware: wearing this costume may make you slightly unpopular with the arachnophobes around. They’ll want to tell you how terrible and dangerous (not true: a tarantula’s venom is less poisonous than a bee sting!) tarantulas are. Brush ’em off with any or all of your hairy spider legs and go about your way.  

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