Child Dinosaur Hands & Feet


Become a creature from the Jurassic period and let out a roar. Dino up with these exclusive Child Dinosaur Hands & Feet accessories! it’s a must add item to any dino costume!

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Twenty short years ago, you couldn’t order just a set of dinosaur hands and feet: you had to order a whole dino. Shipping costs alone made sales extremely rare. But genetic engineering has come a long way. Nowadays, making dinosaur hands and feet is just about as easy as making Tyrannosaurus-track sugar cookies with our handy dinosaur-foot cookie cutters.So if you need a dino foot, we can get you a dino foot. We’ll even throw in its mate and two dino hands, in case you’re trying to stitch together a sauropod (like the ones with the long necks). If you want to splice in cuttlefish DNA for camouflage, or dolphin DNA for playful superintelligence, or ant DNA for collective consciousness, or pit viper DNA for thermal sensitivity, it’s gonna cost you—and you’re going to have to sign a lot of paperwork. But for some standard dino hands and feet? We’ll cut you a deal.

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