Women’s Beautiful Detective Babe Costume


Be ready to take on any monster with the rest of the gang in this Beautiful Detective Babe Costume for Women. Features a body-hugging purple colored sexy style dress that will have you ready to take on any mystery!

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Damsel in This DressIs there anything more tantalizing than a life of high-stakes mystery? Maybe…if you got to wear this Women’s Beautiful Detective Babe Costume!Get ready to show off your sizzling silhouette and your alluring red hair. The only mystery that’s getting solved tonight is which party guest will steal the show with their costume. You, obviously!Product DetailsThis costume features a purple long-sleeved dress that gets an added panache from a body-hugging fabric that shines. A matching purple headband tops your red locks (grab a wig if you’re not a natural ginger, it’s essential to completing this look). A green neck scarf is also part of the package. Purple shoes will complete your ensemble—make sure to add them and get ready to go solve some mysteries.

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