Wizard of Oz Glinda Plus Size Adult Costume


The Wizard of Oz Glinda Plus Size Adult Costume will transform you into the beautiful good witch of the south!

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Technicolor BeautyDorothy has crashed…somewhere. Her world was black and white, and now it is bursting with color. There are huge flowers, small people, and a winding yellow road. And then, something appears in the sky, floating closer and closer. Is that a person? So it is! Dorothy watches, mouth agape, as a beautiful witch floats down in a shimmering bubble. Goals, right? This look is within your reach! So, are you a good witch or a bad witch? Put the age old question to rest with this Wizard of Oz Glinda Plus Size Adult Costume. You’ll be floating on air, no bubble necessary!Product DetailsGlinda claims that only bad witches are ugly, and you are sure to give off some good witch beauty vibes in this pink polyester perfection! The skirts have just enough volume to give you presence without making dancing difficult at the party. The overlay of tulle features glittering stars and other designs, with a couple of pink butterflies placed at the waist and collarbone. Poofy mesh shoulders slim at the elbow, and a large clear gem sits in the neckline. And the crown! This tall masterpiece of silver and pink gems adds a dash of royalty to your witchy presence. If you’re looking for the perfect wand, we’ve got you! Just check out our website. Bring Down the HouseThe Wicked Witch of the West (or the East, for that matter) has nothing on you! Hop into your travel bubble and head to your next costumed event. You will rule over the evening with a benevolent and seriously stunning presence in this retro pink gown. Also, if you see any sparkling red shoes, could you send them over? We’re trying to get home and can’t find a way out. Because there’s no place like home, you know…

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