Witch’s Cauldron Purse


Keep all of your belongings sage in this Witch’s Cauldron Purse. This cauldron purse is the perfect accessory to help complete your witches costume.

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Bubble, Bubble on the DoubleImagine that you have access to a cauldron and magical powers. What kind of goodies would you gather to stir up in your potion? We think a modern witch wouldn’t be hunting down eye of newt and skull fungus. We think they’d be looking for modern ingredients for modern potions that solve modern problems. We can see you adding your Sunday morning coffee grounds that soaked up all the joy of your long brunch with friends. You could gather all the strings and ponytail holders that your cat proudly brings you. To top it all off, you could get back to your witchy roots. Go ahead and get out on a walk and gather the traditional moss, mushrooms, and feathers to complete your magical mixture! Costume DetailsThis brightly colored cauldron bag is ready for a Halloween adventure! The perfect size to carry your phone, wallet, and keys with a little extra room for potion ingredients that you might come across when out and about. The black base has a fire pattern stitched around the base to make it look like your potion is boiling over the edge. The shiny green flap snaps close to keep your belongings safe. while it’s the perfect way to top off your witchy costume, you just might want to wear this bag all through the spooky season!

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