Women’s Whimsical Mad Hatter Costume


This Whimsical Women’s Mad Hatter Costume is colorful and vibrant, perfect to wear to a Halloween Party! The stylish top hat completes this look and will have everyone turning their heads towards you.

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Tea Spilling PartyIn Wonderland, all the gossip happens over tea. If you want to know what’s going on down in this wild world you’ve got to go and sit at the table with the Mad Hatter, Dormouse, and the March Hare. They know which cards are on the outs with the Queen of Hearts. They discuss The Caterpillar’s latest riddles and whether the White Rabbit can be trusted not to spout secrets to the King and Queen. The three party-goers watch Wonderland go by over steaming cups of Oolong and green tea. Sure, there might be a lot of chaos at the tea party but the Mad Hatter has the intel when it comes to what’s new in Wonderland!Design & DetailsDo you want to become the socialite of Wonderland? This Made By Us Mad Hatter costume is a unique choice designed by our in-house creative team. It features a hot pink velvet jacket with an attached vest panel that secures in the middle with a strip of hook and loop fastener. A cheery blue shirt front with a giant bow tie polishes off the top. High-waisted striped pants add a kick of extra flair to your ensemble. Of course, the Hatter’s ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a great hat! The top hat is trimmed with a violet ribbon with the 10/6 price tag tuck into the brim.Hip to SipIt’s a relief to acknowledge that the Mad Hatter is the socialite of Wonderland. But we also know that this character wouldn’t be satisfied drinking tea alone! Pair this character with a range of our other Wonderland costumes to make this a group ensemble. We have options for all sorts of characters from the White Rabbit to The Queen of Hearts, and of course, Alice herself! Just be sure and have the tea ready, you’ll be expected to spill it!

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