Women’s Bearded Lady Circus Costume


The circus could always use one more magnificent act! Join them with this Women’s Bearded Lady Circus Costume. This costume comes with a dress and some great beard and hair accessories.

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Step Right Up!Old timey circus attractions were seriously strange. People paid good money to see scientific oddities bottled up in jars. Performers manuevered themselves into spring loaded cannons and were shot 100 feet across the big top. Performers tempted fate with fire, swords, and heights. But above all the hubbub of the old-timey circus there’s one act that we find utterly charming and mysterious. That’s right, the bearded lady! Flaunting the expectations of feminine beauty, these women rocked their natural facial hair while dressing in fine gowns. What kinds of lives did these bearded ladies lead? Secret romances,world travel, and living life on the fringes of society in the famously restrictive Victorian era… doesn’t actually sound too bad to us. Do you want a hint of that bearded lady lifestyle? Pop some popcorn, cue the organ grinder, and transform yourself with this Bearded Lady Costume!Product DetailsThis Made By Us Bearded Lady costume features a Victorian style gown, headpiece, and a beard. As it was designed by our in-house creative team, this costume has all sorts of unique features such as the high, gold-trimmed collar, a v-shaped waistline, and an underlayer that hints at the stripes of the big-top. Slipping into this ensemble is easy. Strap the beard around your head with the elastic band, zip the dress up the back, and you’ll be ready for showtime!

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