Toddler’s Pete the Cat Costume


When your little one goes out wearing this exclusive Toddler’s Pete the Cat Costume everyone will be inspired to pick up a book or two and read about Pete!

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Four, Big, Colorful, Round, Groovy ButtonsHopefully, your kiddo can keep buttons on their shirt better than Pete the Cat. But either way, your child just LOVES counting and learning with Pete! And since most toddlers we know tend to read the same book over and over (and over and over) again, incessantly, for months or even years, we’re guessing you’re pretty into Pete the Cat by now, too!Our favorite thing about Pete is his cool cat demeanor. Does Pete cry? Goodness no! Does Pete worry? Goodness no! When things don’t go his way, he keeps walking along, singing his song. Talk about a good life lesson for a toddler, eh? If your kiddo is obsessed with Pete the Cat books, then they will love groovin’ through Halloween, birthday parties, or any other dress-up events in this Toddler Pete the Cat Costume. The best part of this adorable look is that when your child is wearing this costume, they’ll be inspired to act just like Pete—and that’s one cool, calm, and collected cat!Design & DetailsOur design studio collaborated with Pete’s creators to craft this exclusive costume for your colorful kiddo. It comes with everything your child needs to fully transform into their favorite storybook cat! A yellow shirt features four fun buttons, while the cozy blue pants also provide a kitty tail. Boot covers turn your kid’s sneaks into Pete’s red kicks, and while a detailed headpiece and blue mitts conceal your child’s human features even more. Now they’ll just need a guitar so they can sing all their favorite tunes!Feline FeelsEnjoy watching your little one bop to their own beat in this cool costume. It’s not every day a kid gets to turn into their favorite character, so we’d recommend at least a few (hundred) pictures of the occasion. Does Pete hide his face from the camera? Goodness no! 

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