Pig Soft Headband & Tail Kit


Oink, oink, oink! Accessorize your costume with this adorable Soft Pig Headband & Tail Kit and you will be the best dressed piggy among all your animal friends!

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Pig PowerIt’s hard not to love a pig. They’ve got curly little tails, snouts that are made for sniffin’, and silky little ears for an extra dash of curious character. It’s no wonder that there are so many famous pig characters in fairy tales and kid stories. From the three little pigs to the sheep-herding Babe. Does your little one want to dress as a favorite pig? This headband and tail kit can easily be combined with different sorts of clothes to create a perfect piggy character in an instant!Product DetailsThis easy kit features a sculpted piggy head for an adorable soft look. The face features large brown, sensitive eyes and perky ears. The curly tail attaches to any sort of loop with a hook and loop fastener strip. A quick costume, this set will be a hit with people of all ages!In the pinkThis pig set can be used in all sorts of ways. Pair this with a variety of clothes for a whole cast of characters. Whether you’re looking for a quick costume for Halloween or you’re dressing up for a school literacy event, this pig set can be used again and again. That just proves the power of the piggy!

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