Toddler’s Country Cow Costume


Your child will be udderly adorable in the Toddler’s Country Cow Costume! With the Toddler’s Country Cow Costume you can unzip the udder to use as a trick-or-treat bag as well! Honestly what could be butter than that?

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Udderly MagicalDo you know what’s really cool about kids? No, it’s not the sticky hands, perpetual colds, and inability to eat without dropping food on the ground. Nope, the really cool thing about little kids is that spending time with them helps you remember just how magical a place the world really is. Take cows, for instance. To you, a cow is a farm animal that’s worth little attention. You’ve driven by countless herds of cattle on road trips, and now you scarcely even bother to look up. But in the eyes of your toddler, a cow is a magical creature, straight out of Old MacDonald’s farm! They love to moo and point out cows’ bells in storybooks. See? Isn’t it cool to see the world through your kiddo’s eyes? That’s why you’ll love watching them dress up in this Toddler Country Cow Costume and make-believe all Halloween long. You’ll never look at a cow the same way!Design & DetailsThe magic of a simple cow may have been lost on you, but our design team knew just what it was doing when it crafted this clever and cute toddler costume! The darling jumpsuit is printed to look like a spotted cow wearing a gold bell, with an udderly cool harness pack that straps on in front. A cute headpiece completes your kiddo’s bovine transformation.On the Moo-veYour child will be so thrilled to embody their favorite farm animal, you’ll hardly be able to keep them from charging through the neighborhood, looking for candy. Luckily, you can pull the whole, “Cows really only eat plants,” story and get them to swap some chocolate for greens at dinner! 

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