Men’s Brown Captain Pirate Boots


Get ready to sail the high seas with these Men’s Brown Captain Pirate Boots. These Men’s Brown Captain Pirate Boots will have you commandeering your ship in no time!

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Been Everywhere, MateyA weathered pirate has seen a lot of the world. They’ve buried treasure along the Brazilian cliffs. They’ve suffered the gales of the Cape of Good Hope. They’ve witnessed the silence of the mid-Atlantic as they stood watch just before sunrise. That’s a lot of activity. Have you ever wondered how pirates withstood all the elements and action? There are two factors, really. A pirate who’s going to thrive needs a good hat and a great pair of boots! You’ll be ready to stand through the salty waves and climb the tossing and turning crow’s nest once you slip on these rugged pirate boots. Product DetailsThese faux suede boots are well-matched to a variety of pirate costumes from striped pants to fitted breeches and white-washed shirts. The boots have a deep cuff at the top for that seaworthy look. A low heel lets you get a little grip on the deck. Soft and hearty looking, this pair of boots is ready to travel the high seas and all your costume parties!High Seas StapleIf you’re looking to get in touch with your inner pirate, making sure you’ve got the right shoes will put you in character. Pair this with any of our pirate costumes and accessories and you’ll be ready to head out to sea! 

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