Toddler Deluxe Panda Costume


When you want to become a Panda you could go the genetic modification route, but it’s easier to just wear this Toddler Deluxe Panda Costume!

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What newfound adorableness is this?!We saw the white and black and were worried for a second. Where we come from, those are skunk colors. But then we saw the cute little paws and round little ears we realized what we were looking at. A panda!Can we just take a moment to geek out here? Panda cubs are like the cutest things ever. They roll all over the place, constantly bumping into each other and falling over themselves like tiny drunk people. They happily stuff their faces, climb up trees, and are in general super adorable. And they look so soft and cuddly. Not that any of us have ever actually got to cuddle a panda, but we totally would if we were given the option! So it makes perfect sense to us why you want to take your friendly little tyke and bundle them up in something like our Toddler Deluxe Panda Costume. Your child willl be fuzzy and cuddly and oh-so-adorable! This costume is a full jumper with furry little paw-mitts, a hood with ears, and even little booties! Put your child in this outfit and there’s no end to the cuddles and compliments they will get. Just don’t let them try climbing any bamboo while they’re dressed up. We’re pretty sure that’ll end poorly.

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