Blood Stained Haunted Window Boards Halloween Decoration


Add extra spookiness with these Haunted Window Boards – Blood Stains. They will turn a home into a haunted house with this one simple addition!

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House of HorrorsThere are two obvious ways to procure yourself some eerie-looking, bloody boards, such as these. The first way is to, well…get yourself some blood (don’t tell us where) and smear it on a bunch of dilapidated wooden boards, without getting splinters. Wait for the boards to dry (without attracting wild animals) and nail them haphazardly over your windows. Then, enjoy the lovely smell of old, dried blood wafting through your screen with each blow of breeze. Sounds dreamy, right? OR, try our way—grab as many sets of these Blood-Stained Haunted Window Boards as you need to complete your haunted house look! Easy-peasy. No need to get your hands dirty (again, we really don’t want to know…). That leaves you much more time to up the rest of your haunted house game—from extra decor to sound effects to the perfect menu or creepy-crawly snacks. Product DetailsThis gruesome-looking item includes 4 “boards” of cardboard, each of which unfolds to over 2 feet long! That’s a lot of gore! Stained red and rough around the edges, this kit will turn your otherwise inviting home into a place folks will dare each other to enter.Neighborhood HauntDon’t be surprised if, upon hanging this decor, your house becomes the place to be this Halloween season; folks can’t help wanting to be a bit freaked out this time of year. And these boards definitely set the scene for a serious scare!  

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