The Disney Aladdin Genie Headband & Cuffs Kit


Grant Aladdin’s three wishes as Genie with the Disney Aladdin Genie Headband & Cuffs Kit. Help Aladdin impress Jasmine and win her hand.

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TIME FOR WISH GRANTING!What do you think you’d ask for if you came upon a genie? Oh, c’mon, don’t pretend like you haven’t given that several thoughts! You did come upon a genie costume kit, after all, so you probably started thinking about it just now! They always say that you can’t wish for more wishes and all sorts of other important rules. But, so long as you’re careful, you can wish to become a genie and then have access to amazing magical powers (and even more spectacular looks)! PRODUCT DETAILSNow, we all know that Jafar went way wrong with his wording… but we can offer you this Genie Headband and Cuff Kit so that you can complete your genie transformation in a very right way. In a snap, you can wear this headband and give yourself the iconic pointed ears and tuft of black hair. Then, you can wear the golden cuffs if you’d like to call someone worthy your Master… or you can just toss them off and be your own genie! DISNEY MAGIC WITH A SNAPWho knew all it took for some exceptional powers, all you needed to do was ask the right question! Get your phenomenal cosmic powers and dodge the itty bitty living space with this costume kit! (Powers not included.) 

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