Teen Ghost Face Costume


You better run! Ghost Face is after you. Start running as fast as you can if you see someone dressed in this Teen Ghost Face Costume.

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Do you like scary movies? We love them, but sometimes if we watch too many, it can get hard to tell what really happened and what was just on the screen. You can freak out your friends with this seriously scary Ghost Face Costume, and everyone will think you’re the iconic character from the modern classic scary movie Scream!You definitely wouldn’t want to run into Ghost Face in a dark alley, even if he’s not brandishing a giant knife. He’s just not a very fun looking fella. The best possible outcome we can think of is you get a good workout from running away, and the worst is… well, you know, slash, slash! But we can’t help but think he’s just really misunderstood. After all, he does say that scary movies don’t make psychos, they just make psychos more creative. So, maybe if he had a friend to talk about scary movies with all the time, he’d stop slashing and turn his spooky frown upside down!Actually, now that we think about it, that’s sort of what happened in Scream and it didn’t turn out so well… But at least you know you can scare the wits out of your friends in this licensed costume. It will make you look just like ol’ Ghosty, complete with a flowing, tattered looking black robe and hood, and the infamous vinyl mask, to give you a truly chilling look. But remember, it’s just a movie…

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