Striped Harry Potter Vintage Hogwarts Ravenclaw Scarf


This is a Harry Potter Vintage Hogwarts Ravenclaw Scarf. This scarf is 100% Acrylic and is striped with blue and grey color.

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Wandless MagicEveryone knows about wands. You need them to perform most magical feats, but there are other kinds of magic. Some sorcery doesn’t even require a wand. For example, this Harry Potter Vintage Ravenclaw Scarf can keep you warm during a brisk chill… like magic! And you don’t even need to break out your wand. It works simply by wrapping it around your neck!Product DetailsAlright, so maybe it’s just a normal scarf and no magic is involved, but it is still pretty amazing how well this cozy scarf works. The knitted scarf is officially licensed from Harry Potter and is made out of acrylic. The alternating stripes are in the House Ravenclaw colors, navy blue and silver. The tasseled ends offer a touch of classic style and the Ravenclaw patch helps solidify your place in the prestigious Hogwarts House.Wizard Winter WearEven though this Harry Potter Scarf may not have any magical properties, it does add the perfect accent to any Ravenclaw costume. Just tuck it into your wizard robe and you’ll be ready to head to class with a warm and cozy style. When you’re all done dressing up as a Hogwarts student, you can add this scarf to your regular winter wear!

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