Bedtime Bear Knit Hat


This Bedtime Bear Knit Hat is sure to bring plenty of smiles to any Care Bears fan! It features the sweet face we all know and love, and makes a great gift for all ages!

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Sweet SlumberThere’s nothing that prepares us for a good day quite as well as a restful night! In Care-a-Lot, it’s Bedtime Bear’s job to make sure that all the residents get some quality sleep. He can help cure insomnia or a fear of the dark. And perhaps his most amazing talent is the ability to enter Dreamland and influence dreams as he pleases, which means no more nightmares for the citizens of Care-a-Lot!Design & DetailsIf you’re a fan of this sleepy character, you might like our Bedtime Bear Knit Hat. The front is embroidered with Bedtime Bear’s adorable face, and his ears add a fun detail to the top. We can’t guarantee that this hat will make you sleep better, but we hope it will at least make your days sweeter! This soft headgear is the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe or would make a great gift for a Care Bears fan in your life!

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