Mulan Women’s Blue Dress Costume


Turn into a women warrior with the Mulan Women’s Blue Dress Costume. This costume is perfect for your Disney themed party and is officially licensed.

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Dressed As HerselfIn Disney’s original, cartoon version of Mulan, our protagonist has a few different outfits in the film. We see her dressed in feminine finery when she goes to see the matchmaker in town (we still sweat nervously thinking about THAT scene!). We also see her dressed in full armor, masquerading as a man, fighting with the best of them to protect her home, her family, and her father from the war. But neither of these outfits truly encompass who Mulan is. When Mulan comes to the final conflict, she is dressed again as a woman, but this time, it is a dress she can also fight in. Feel the power of your true self whenever you wear this Mulan Women’s Blue Dress Costume!Product DetailsMulan’s dress comes with the belt, sash, and necklace seen on the model. Rather than wear two separate skirts, the white and blue sections of the dress are one, and the light blue blouse is also attached, making this an easily worn dress. The wide, magenta belt has a velcro type fastener at the back, and the lighter pink sash ties on top of it. Finally, put on the emperor’s medallion, as proof of all your hard work for your country.Honor To Us AllIn this simple but recognizable look, people will have no doubt that you are Mulan, hero of all of China! Don’t worry, though—no heroic actions are needed to don this outfit. You are perfect as you are!

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