Stranger Things Tween Classic Eleven S4 Look Costume


Eleven seems to like a lot of colorful things and who are we to stop her from living her life? This Stranger Things Tween Classic Eleven S4 Look Costume is for those of us who also like color.

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Posh for the PartyImagine this: you’ve been invited to your first roller skate party! Sure, that’s a pretty retro statement. But vintage things are always cool, and lacing up some hard plastic-wheeled skates to glide around a highly-reflective hardwood rink with your friends, is a must! After all, it’s not the 80s or even 90s anymore. How many opportunities to kick it old school like this will you get?The only thing you need is the right look for the event. Nothing too trendy, but definitely still stylish, should do it. A retro feel has to be woven into the ensemble too. And the best inspiration to be found comes from a fellow roller rink newbie, Stranger Things’ Eleven!Product DetailsGive Eleven’s skate date ensemble a chance to shine with this Stranger Things S4 Classic Eleven Costume for Tweens! The officially licensed costume is based on another of Eleven’s bold pattern-mixing outfits and makes a perfect choice for themed parties or a Stranger Things Halloween costume! The costume dress imitates Eleven’s with a tan and purple plaid print material used for the sleeves and collared neckline to start. The body of the garment is made with a bright white material print with vibrant multi-colored stripes and features a seam at the waist with elastic at the back to give it a slight hourglass shape. The costume secures with hook-and-loop fastener strips at the back and falls just above the knee giving it a modest but playful look!Socks RequiredCarry on a legacy of excellent wardrobe changes with this Stranger Things S4 Eleven Costume! The standout ensemble brings Eleven’s powerful sense of style to life for Halloween, casual cosplay, or that first skating party. Just don’t forget socks to match the killer look, especially if heading to the rink!

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