Straight Gray/White Mix Wig Long


Create a new look with this Long Straight Gray/White Mix Wig. This long wig is perfect for Halloween, cosplay, or everyday wear.

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Wicked movesHave you ever been to a party for witches? No, not a coven meeting. Those are rather serious affairs discussing important business such as rampaging demons or the over-use of love potions. Witch parties are a sight to behold. They have the best decor, candles floating just above the ceiling create perfect mood lighting while fog hovers over the floors to make even witches that can’t float look like they’re hovering.But the best part of these parties isn’t the fried toad leg hors d’oeuvres or the murky bowl of swamp punch, it’s the dance floor. These witches know how to dance. It’s all graceful limbs in flowing sleeves and enchantresses tossing their heads back and forth as their silky hair seems to dance on its own accord. Want to earn an invitation to the next witchy get-together? This wig is sure to make you look worthy to attend, just don’t forget to bring a dish to pass when you go!Product DetailsElegance is the name of the game when it comes to this wig. You’ll look ageless in the mix of gray and white locks that fall long past your shoulders. Add an enchanting touch to any ensemble with this enigmatic hairstyle!

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