Fuchsia 80 Gram Feather Boa Accessory


You’ll be a glamorous 1920s dame once you’re wrapped in a 80 Gram Fuchsia Boa. Add a string of pears and a bedazzled head band for an even classier look. You’ll knock his socks off with your vintage getup!

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So your outfit needs a little… how shall we say… something something? You’ve got the shoes purchased, figured out the perfect outfit, and have even obtained the right the jewelry but It’s still missing something? It still feels incomplete?We completely agree. Your ensemble needs a little flair. Some pizzazz. Perhaps something like our 80 Gram Fuchsia Boa? This thing is 80″ long with bright fuchsia feathers. Wrap it around your neck and shoulders or drape it over your arms and wrists. However you wear it, you’ll look fabulous. It’s the perfect addition to any costume. Use it for lounge singers, 20s Flapper outfits, Victorian gowns, Disco royalty, or as a Hollywood starlet. Nothing says sumptuous like a fluffy mass of feathers around your face! Also available in different colors.

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