Steampunk Suede Shoe Spats Accessory


Jump into the cyber/steampunk craze with a pair of Steampunk Suede Shoe Spats! When the Victorian era calls, dress to impress with this unique accessory. These shoe spats are one of many accessories we carry!

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Have you been doing some inventing? Yeah we know it can be hard to keep your work space clean when the little machines you just brought to life are tramping all over your work room. They leak hot oil, and some of the less refined models throw up molten slag. You need something to keep your legs, and work boots safe from their excretions.Luckily for you we have just what you need. These Steampunk Suede Shoe Spats will keep hot oil from damaging your shoes, and burning your legs. It’s a little less helpful for molten slag, but they will protect you if it is only in contact for just a moment. Those little guys really need a fix up. If only you could get them to stand still for a moment. They are worse than small children, running around your work room, spitting hot oil everywhere. (At least when a baby pees on you it doesn’t leave 3rd degree burns.)

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