Plus Size Great Escape Prisoner Costume


This Plus Size Great Escape Prisoner Costume is designed to be both cute and comfortable, so you can feel confident as you jailbreak to your next costume party.

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Jailbird Fly FreeMaking your way across the prison grounds, you sneakily drop some dirt and gravel that you had hidden in your pockets. No one knows, but you’ve been secretly digging an escape tunnel through the wall of your cell for the last ten years, and tonight is the night of your great escape!On the other hand, maybe you would be better of staying. The world outside seems pretty crazy, and you just got used to the food in here. Also, the fashion in prison is to die for! You would never get away with these bold stripes and numbers out there in the world. Yeah, staying is definitely the way to go!Product DetailsWhen you think that you are experiencing the death of fashion with all these modern trends, take a step back and try out this Plus Size Great Escape Prisoner Costume. This “Made By Us” costume was put together by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about wearing this for years to come. When you wear this awesome sweatshirt dress and hat, you will know that you are part of a long line of people with classy, vintage style. This flattering dress has the brightest whites and darkest blacks, along with the printed inmate id number across the chest, so no one will forget who you are! The hat adds that little bit of fun charm that will take your outfit to the next level!Can’t Contain This StyleIf you feel like you’re locked into a particular style, free yourself now by throwing on this Plus Size Great Escape Prisoner Costume! Whether you are trying to send your partner a message, or just happy to mix up your wardrobe, this costume will not let you down.

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